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Welcome to All Spiced Out!

Hej! We are Susan and Björn and we are thrilled that you’re here!

Our collection of recipes are designed to ignite your senses and spice up your meals! Here you will find nutritious cuisines with savory super foods and a flavor adventure on every plate.

We strive for a healthy lifestyle without any compromise on flavor or nutritional choice of ingredients.

Plus, we take use of our years of experience in industrial and manufacturing engineering to create recipes and cooking steps that are efficient, easy to follow, and contain only the essential processes and ingredients.

Our recipes are inspired by our love of all cuisines, our years of cooking and visiting savory restaurants and our mission to create similar exciting meals at home. 

We have grown up with Swedish and Italian cuisines, with recipes passed down from generations. We are also very passionate about Indian, Turkish and more cuisines that we have learned to make as easy Instant Pot recipes.

In particular, we share our Swedish recipes to help make Swedish food accessible to those who love Swedish cuisine but live outside of Sweden. These recipes are also helpful to those who live in Sweden and would like to make their own versions of restaurant inspired meals at home.

We have put together our tried and true recipes and want to share them with you so you can:

  • Eat healthy without feeling deprived,
  • Get your vitamins and minerals naturally through nutrient dense super foods,
  • Be more efficient in the kitchen — save time, energy and money with our tips,
  • Add new techniques, ingredients and cuisines to your rotation
  • Spoil yourself – Get your restaurant dinner fix with easy and affordable recipes
  • Easily entertain guests with simple and impressive appetizers and dinners, and most importantly,
  • Have fun!

Why the Name All Spiced Out?

When we began our food blog in 2019, we instantly came up with All Spiced Out as a play on words using allspice.

Especially since allspice is one of the few spices that’s shared across many of our favorite cuisines.

Our love for spiced dishes is another reason we chose a name with spiced out in it.

Plus, as a phrase, all spiced out is a little quirky, which we also tend to be from time to time.

But mainly, it’s meant to conjure up that feeling you get when you’re caught up in the flavors of your favorite restaurant foods.

Our hope is that you’ll also love to get all spiced out while staying in with these easy, homemade recipes!

Savory, Easy and Healthy Recipes

Through the years, we have found that many recipes can fall into one or two of a trio of categories, savory, easy, or healthy.

However, it is rare for recipes to contain all three categories.

All Spiced Out Easy Savory Healthy Diagram
Our Recipe Trifecta – Savory, Easy and Healthy

For instance, easy and savory meals can be found at fast food restaurants, but are not often considered healthy.

Likewise, easy and healthy dishes can consist of plain foods that sometimes lack flavor.

And, there are plenty of options that are flavorful and healthy, but are not easy to cook.

The vast majority of our recipes satisfy all three of these categories.

And, the secret to consistently eating healthy meals, is to find the ones that taste great so that you love and actually prefer the meals you’re eating. When the tasty foods you love just happen to be savory, easy and healthy – then you are likely to maintain it!

We have been on a mission to find breakfasts, lunches and dinners that are not only nutritious, but easy to make and full of flavor! When the dishes taste great, healthy eating is easy to stick to.

For example, our Instant Pot recipes use wholesome ingredients with flavor boosts of spices and are organized in simple steps that are easy to follow.

Our Pita Pizza recipes can be made in less than 20 minutes and pack tons of flavors on a low-carb bread. The choice of ingredients for the toppings makes for a healthier meal.

Likewise, our collection of Sandwich recipes combine healthy ingredients with savory dressings on low-carb or gluten free breads. They work perfect as a snack or lunch or as a fancy meal when assembled into a sandwich cake (smörgåstårta).

Although we are health-conscious and focus on savory, easy and healthy meals, we don’t follow any one diet strictly.

That said, many of our recipes do tend to fall under categories such as vegetarian, gluten-free and keto, and are organized as such on our site.

Our Love of Highly Satisfying Meals That Are Lower In Carbs

Generally, many of our recipes are low carb and without sugar as we seek to use natural alternatives to refined sugar.

This change began when our diets needed to be altered for a few months when Susan developed gestational diabetes (GD).

At first, we were overwhelmed with how to accomplish this drastic change to daily sugar monitoring on a strict low carb diet.

But, after taking a closer look, we realized that many of our already favorite recipes and cuisines are made up of vegetarian and meat dishes that are completely within the allowable foods.

After completing a GD nutrition course provided by registered dieticians at our local hospital, we learned how to cook up a more balanced diet, lower in carbs and rich in wholesome foods.

We realized that we could continue to have our favorite foods, many popular dishes from our Swedish and Italian heritages, plus our favorite Indian and Lebanese cuisines, and more, with an emphasis on vegetables, meat, dairy and smaller portions of carbs.

From there, we adjusted our diet to meet the daily requirements and Susan was able to manage her gestational diabetes (GD) through diet alone, without insulin. Week after week, her sugar levels were within the allowable limits and without feeling deprived at all!

In fact, these meals feel like total indulgence to us and that has been our secret to maintaining this lifestyle.

Ever since that pregnancy, we’ve decided to continue to choose wholesome ingredients and avoid refined sugar and processed food where possible, especially since GD leads to a higher likelihood to develop diabetes in the future.

Consistently eating this way has allowed us to reach and maintain our healthy weight goals.

Plus, knowing that diabetes is such a common diagnosis, and to know it can run in families, we feel it is very important to be mindful of that and to lean toward meals that are higher in vegetables and lower in carbs.

We are not perfect and we don’t eat low carb and healthy every time, but in general it has been a great change for the better. When we make meals that are higher in carbs, we choose smaller portion sizes.

* Keep in mind that we are not providing nutritional advice, we are just sharing our favorite recipes that have worked well for us. Always see your registered dietician, nutritionist or doctor for general health, nutrition or medical advice. Especially if you have GD, you need to follow an individualized meal plan with serving sizes provided by your physician.

*Also please note that some of our festive beverages contain alcohol. Please do not consume alcohol while pregnant, under medication or otherwise unfit to do so. If you are fit to consume alcohol, please drink responsibly.

We Love To Easily Prepare Restaurant Inspired Meals At Home

We strive for exciting recipes and menus that can be made easily in a reasonable time frame. Our love of going to restaurants has shifted to a love of restaurant style food that we make at home.

Our recipes are heavily influenced by Scandinavian Nordic, mainly Swedish cuisine as well as the Mediterranean diet, with an emphasis on seafood dishes.

We have recreated many copycat recipes from our favorite restaurants and cafes, such as Red Lobster, IKEA Restaurant, and Subway, among others.

In doing so, we often substitute some high calorie ingredients for healthier alternatives.

Of course, we still love to go out and enjoy our favorite cuisines every now and then, or get take-out, but it’s much easier and affordable to make these meals ourselves.

Not to mention, we have learned how to coordinate menus to be accomplished in roughly the same amount of time that it would take to go out!

We are busy parents of a larger family with five kids (three daughters and two sons) and two cats that our kids love to photograph. Speaking of our cats, here they are — Alex and Tommy — enjoying the outdoor view.

all spiced out cats 001

We Strive For Efficiency In All Of Our Recipes

As busy parents, we know the struggle to get good food on the table fast, while satisfying foodies and picky eaters, simultaneously.

This time crunch held true even before we had kids, when we were busy students in engineering, learning how to be efficient.

That’s why many of our meals involve Instant Pots, pita pizzas and savory sandwiches. When you’re short on time, it feels great to not need to rely on fast food chains or grocery store bought pizzas.

Trust us, if we can find time to make these meals, you can too!

Feel free to browse our site anytime and discover recipe favorites that are part of our daily meals. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!

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