what to serve with pizza the best pizza side dishes pin

What To Serve With Pizza – Best Easy Pizza Side Dishes

Here’s our collection of the best pizza side dishes and what to serve with pizza at your pizza nights at home.

what to serve with pizza the best pizza side dishes pin

At our house, we make pizza a lot, particularly easy pita pizzas that are lightning fast to prepare and cook in about 6 minutes.

We have a collection of pita pizza recipes that we love to rotate through. Although based on the same concept, they are all so different.

With so many flavor combinations, they are never boring and come to the rescue time and again when dinner is needed quick!

You can find these favorite flatbread pizza recipes in easy pita pizza recipes! The best part is that you won’t need to rely on take out or grocery store pizzas anymore.

Our pizza combinations are made with wholesome ingredients and taste like restaurant style. You’ll be amazed at how satisfying they are.

Plus, over the years we have found some favorite pizza side dishes that work well with any pizzas.

We try to choose ones that are wholesome and generally better for you than typical pizza sides.

Read on for some pizza side dish inspiration!

Pizza Side Dishes – Salads

Pizza and salad are perfect together and you have endless options for the type of salad you can assemble.

Salads are easy to make, customizable and usually pretty healthy, depending on the type of salad dressing.

They can also be chosen as a low carb contrast to pizzas that are higher in carbs.

You’ll love pizzas with Caesar salad, House Salad, a mixed greens salad, an Olive Garden copycat salad, Lebanese style salads like tabbouleh, fattoush and more.

A fruit salad also makes a lovely addition to a pizza party. Chop your favorite fruit and add berries for a colorful, crowd pleasing salad option.

Swedish Pizza Salad

Our number one choice for a pizza side dish, by far, is this Swedish style pizza salad. In Sweden, it is commonly served with all pizzas at every pizzeria.

You’ll love this tender crisp cabbage salad with a light and refreshing dressing. It’s the perfect side to pizza, not to mention low carb!

traditional swedish pizza salad pizzasallad recipe
A fresh and savory finely shredded cabbage salad with a refreshingly light dressing that pairs well with most pizzas. Very filling, and an excellent dish to make you feel more satisfied on a lower carb diet.
Check out this recipe

You can also make pizza salad with red cabbage for a dish that’s stunning in color and even higher in antioxidants than green cabbage.

red cabbage pizza salad best pizza side dishes

Asparagus Cucumber Tomato Salad

Here’s a classic asparagus cucumber tomato salad that begins with a quick stir fry of the asparagus until tender crisp.

Add the asparagus to the cucumbers and tomatoes. Then it’s just a simple oil and vinegar dressing.

tomato cucumber asparagus salad recipe
All-time favorite summer salad with a front row seat to every BBQ and picnic. Bonus flavor if you use ripe garden veggies! Don't worry you can still serve it year round as a side dish to your favorite main dishes.
Check out this recipe

We love this salad for picnics, potlucks and with our pizza dinners.

Horiatiki Salad

This Greek village salad goes with everything and pizza is no exception. You’ll love this one as a side dish at your next pizza party.

horiatiki salad recipe
Fresh, colorful and quick to make, this Greek village salad is a delightful addition to your Greek inspired meals. Serve alongside Instant Pot gyros, chicken souvlaki, orzo salad with feta and tzatziki.
Check out this recipe

Souvlaki Salad With Feta and Tzatziki

Your guests will appreciate this restaurant style souvlaki salad with feta and tzatziki.

Easy to assemble marinated and baked chicken souvlaki skewers with a fresh Greek style salad is an elegant dish to serve with pizza.

souvlaki salad with feta and tzatziki recipe
A homemade Greek restaurant inspired salad with baked souvlaki, crisp lettuce, kalamata olives, veggies, feta and tzatziki. Simple to make, flavorful and features wholesome ingredients for a healthy combo that's perfect anytime!
Check out this recipe

Pizza Side Dishes – Sauces

Doner Kebab Sauce

Doner kebab sauce is often drizzled on Swedish style pizzas with kebab and other types of meat. It’s flavor is incredible on pizzas and it becomes addictive!

Kebab sauce provides the perfect flavor combination with the pizzas as well as the Swedish pizza salad.

Now that we’ve been so spoiled with kebab sauce on our pizzas, we tend to want to have it every time.

But, luckily, it’s easy to make and even if you don’t prep ahead, you can still make it quick in about five minutes.

kebab sauce kebabsås recipe
Restaurant style but lightened up yogurt based version of a tangy and spicy sauce that will elevate your pizzas, sandwiches, salads and wraps.
Check out this recipe

And if that’s not enough, you’ll also be craving that doner kebab garlic sauce and kebab shop red chili sauce that are so amazing with pizza.

iskender kebab pita pizza featured what to serve with pizza best side dishes kebab sauce
Iskender Kebab Pita Pizza With White Doner Kebab Sauce and Red Doner Chili Sauce

Doner Kebab Red Chili Sauce

This kebab shop style red chili sauce is perfect as a side dish and we also use it as a pizza sauce base in our Iskender kebab pizza.

It’s extremely good on the side as a dip sauce for pizzas and even chicken wings.

homemade doner kebab red sauce recipe
Doner Kebab Red Sauce with it's spicy blend of tomatoes, garlic, onion and red chili peppers, is the perfect condiment in doner kebab recipes. Enjoy kebab shop chili sauce with homemade Instant Pot doner kebab, and in kebab plate, kebab salad, kebab roll and more..
Check out this recipe

Doner Kebab Garlic Sauce

If you’re a fan of garlic, you’re gonna love this kebab shop style garlic sauce. It’s an especially tasty side dish for pizza and goes fantastically well with our marinated chicken wings.

kebab shop garlic sauce without mayo recipe
Thick and creamy Kebab Shop Garlic Sauce (Vitlökssås) is a garlic lovers dream that's easy to make and quick to disappear. Perfect on doner kebab dishes as well as barbecued or baked chicken kebabs, meat kebabs, chicken pita wraps, shawarma, souvlaki and more. It's an amazing dipping sauce for air fryer chicken wings.
Check out this recipe

Pizza Side Dishes – Appetizers and Dips

Lobster Artichoke Dip

Depending on the size of your pizza party, or the occasion, you might like to prepare a dip or two for your guests to snack on.

Lobster artichoke dip is a fantastic choice that you can serve with vegetable sticks, crackers, tortilla chips and Pico de Gallo.

Delectable artichoke dip appetizer with lobster meat tucked inside, a delightful surprise for artichoke and seafood lovers. Serve with nacho chips, pita bread wedges, Triscuit crackers and pico de gallo.
Check out this recipe

Spinach Artichoke Dip

We prepare spinach artichoke dip quite often with our pizzas. It pairs so well with pizza that we just can’t resist, plus our family looks forward to it.

In fact, it’s easy to prepare ahead or even last minute, and you can bake it just before your guests arrive.

baked spinach artichoke dip recipe
Spinach and Artichokes shine in this practically guilt free no mayo version of a restaurant classic. Great as an appetizer with vegetables and pita bread or crackers. Serve as a side dish with pizza or with barbecued kebabs.
Check out this recipe

Serve the spinach artichoke dip with prepared veggies like carrot, celery and cucumber sticks and pita wedges and tortilla chips.

Crab Queso Dip

If you’re hosting a get together, you’ll love to include this crab queso dip that everyone loves. It’s a perfect snack to have alongside a pizza dinner.

red lobster crab queso dip presentation
Red Lobster crab queso dip recipe is an absolute flavor sensation with spiced cheese sauce, sweet crabmeat and savory Pico de Gallo. Serve with regular or tri color tortilla chips.
Check out this recipe

Pizza Side Dishes – Stuffed Mushrooms

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

You may want to include some appetizers like crab stuffed mushrooms that everyone loves.

stuffed mushroom caps with crabmeat featured
Restaurant style, savory crab stuffed mushrooms are easy to make and the perfect appetizer to take your seafood dinner menu or any special occasion to the next level.
Check out this recipe

Escargot in Mushroom Caps

These escargot stuffed mushrooms are an elegant appetizer or side dish for a special occasion pizza party.

escargot stuffed mushrooms recipe
The perfect appetizer for your most special occasions, to serve with restaurant style seafood, meat and vegetarian entrees. A lightly seasoned garlic butter sauce with parmesan cheese bubbles nicely over top to make this a dish to remember.
Check out this recipe

Pizza Side Dishes – Marinated Nibbles

Marinated Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are another easy and fun finger food that you can choose to serve with pizzas if you like.

These are marinated first in kebab sauce and then served with doner kebab red sauce and kebab garlic sauce.

That’s two amazing kebab shop sauces that are outstanding alongside both chicken wings and pizzas!

That’s one of the main reasons we enjoy serving chicken wings as a side dish to pizzas.

Because we make batches of three kebab sauces and they are absolutely perfect with both chicken wings and pizza!

marinated air fryer chicken wings featured

Marinated Olives

A medley of marinated olives in a serving bowl is a special touch. It’s one of our favorite pizza side dishes because it’s easy, super flavorful and everyone loves them.

Similarly, any marinated roasted red peppers, marinated mushrooms or similar marinated vegetables would make a fabulous side as well.

Pizza Side Dishes – Extra Savory Toppings


A side dish of anchovies is always perfect with pizza and our family loves to enjoy them with pizza at our house. It can be an acquired taste for some, but those who love anchovies usually find them irresistible on pizza.

Parmesan Cheese

It’s always a good idea to prepare a shaker of freshly grated parmesan cheese, from a block of Parmigiano Reggiano.

That way your guests can add on a sprinkle of cheese to their pizzas if they like it. The parmesan adds that extra savory touch of comfort, just like at the restaurant.


Similarly, a shaker of oregano provides a savory flavor to the pizzas when sprinkled over top. Having oregano and other pizza seasonings, to sprinkle on the pizzas, will delight your guests.

Hot Peppers

We wouldn’t be All Spiced Out if we didn’t suggest a few pepperoncini peppers, jalapeno peppers, hot banana peppers or any other hot peppers on the side.

You can also place some hot pepper flakes in a shaker for your guests. Then they can choose to add some or keep their pizzas milder without any.

We love some hot peppers and hot pepper flakes with our pizzas to kick the flavor up a few notches!

Pizza Side Dishes – For The Kids

Last, but not least, if you’re hosting a pizza party for kids you may want to adjust the menu and side dishes to their tastes.

Many kids will obviously want to have sides like French fries, potato chips, hot dogs and pasta with their pizza.

They may also like to have fresh chopped veggies and dip.

Similarly you can make a plate of freshly prepared fruit with a fruit dip.

A plainer salad might be suitable to more kids, like an iceberg or romaine salad with ranch dressing for example. They might like the salad with grilled chicken breast strips.

They’ll likely appreciate beverages like juice, lemonade, chocolate milk, smoothies and slushies to drink.

An ice cream sundae bar would be a nice and easy dessert choice.

You can serve ice cream in bowls and the kids can choose their own toppings like chocolate sauce, fruit, cookies, etc.

An ice cream bar is also perfect for the grown ups, as well as a chocolate fondue.

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