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What To Do With Leftover Doner Kebab

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If you’re a fan of lamb doner kebab you might be wondering what to do with leftover doner kebab meat?

what to do with leftover doner kebab pin

If you’ve got some fabulous leftover doner meat to enjoy, either leftover kebab meat from a Turkish kebab shop or a homemade batch, you’ll want to give these delicious recipes a try!

There are many popular doner kebab shop recipes that you can easily prepare at home.

But, you might be surprised to find out that there are endless uses for leftover kebab, from crave worthy appetizers to tantalizing main courses.

We’ve made doner kebab countless times over the years and want to share some of our best leftover doner kebab ideas for inspiration.

In fact, we have gotten so used to our homemade versions that we prefer to stay in for these meals nowadays.

The benefits to home cooking are numerous, and that rings true for homemade doner kebab shop recipes.

Read on to find the best recipes using leftover doner kebab meat you’ll love for any occasion.

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What is Doner Kebab?

But first, what is doner kebab?

Doner kebab is traditionally a Turkish dish made with meat, usually lamb, that is roasted vertically.

Most commonly in kebab shops, it is made into sandwiches, kebab rolls and kebab plates with French fries.

You can make your own homemade recipe as we do often in this easy Instant Pot doner kebab.

Instant Pot doner kebab kebabkött recipe 1
Restaurant style doner kebab meat with authentic flavor and texture made easily at home in your Instant Pot. So versatile and perfect in all of your favorite recipes – kebab roll, kebab plate, kebab pizza, kebab salad and more. Enjoy it with doner kebab sauce, air fryer fries, side salad and cabbage pizza salad!
Check out this recipe

It’s seasoned with doner kebab spice blend (called kebabkrydda in Swedish).

doner kebab spice blend kebabkrydda recipe
Kebab spice recipe for homemade Turkish doner kebabs, kebab roll, kebab plate, kebab pizza and kebab sauce. Makes about 8 Tbsp (half a cup).
Check out this recipe

Preparing your own doner kebab is an easy way to get classic flavors without any grease or fillers that might be found in store bought packages of doner meat.

Plus, it’s more affordable to make a homemade batch that you can use in several recipes using leftover doner kebab meat.

Of course, you can also use store bought leftover doner kebab meat in any of these leftover doner kebab recipe ideas.

Why You’ll Love Doner Kebab Leftovers

Doner kebab leftovers are super flavorful and easy to reheat and use in a variety of meals.

If you have some frozen, the leftovers are quick to thaw out and are extremely versatile. You can incorporate them into many of your favorite recipes.

Many of the recipes here take only a few minutes to prepare and taste like restaurant quality. You can be creative with kebab leftovers and try them a new way each time.

Doner Kebab Recipes – What To Do With Leftover Doner Kebab

Once you’ve made Turkish doner meat, or have acquired leftover kebab, you’ll have several delicious possibilities to choose from.

These recipes remind us of all of the doner kebab rolls we had in Sweden where kebab shops are plentiful.

Doner Kebab Roll

The most popular or obvious way to enjoy leftover doner meat is wrapped up in a kebab roll.

homemade doner kebab roll kebabrulle recipe
Satisfy your cravings for a doner kebab roll (kebabrulle) any time you want, with easy and delicious Instant Pot doner kebab meat. Roll it all up with vegetables and kebab sauce, in a foil packet just like at the restaurants!
Check out this recipe

Here we’ve shown it over top of a thin pita bread.

Just add vegetables like lettuce, onion, tomatoes, some kebab sauce and hot peppers if you like them.

Then roll it up kebab shop style in some foil to hold it all together.

Doner Kebab Pizzas

Kebab meat is an amazingly savory topping for pizza.

In fact, you can also use leftover doner kebab meat just as you would any meat on your favorite pizzas.

Check out this incredibly tasty recipe for Iskender kebab pita pizza.

iskender kebab pita pizza recipe
A magnificent trifecta of flavors with spicy hot pepper tomato pizza sauce, spiced doner kebab meat and a savory drizzle of kebab sauce this is sure to be one of the most satisfying homemade pizzas you've had in awhile. Impressive, yet very simple to make, Iskender kebab pita pizza is a convenient meal for busy weeknights. Serve with Swedish pizza salad, kebab salad or a house style salad.
Check out this recipe

It is one of our absolute favorite recipes and so easy!

With spiced doner kebab chili sauce as a pizza sauce base, delectable kebab meat and a drizzle of savory kebab sauce – this pita pizza is number one in our book.

There are countless varieties of doner kebab pizzas that you can try.

We have had so many kebab pizzas in Sweden, and now make our own similar kebab pita pizzas with some of the memorable toppings like fresh lettuce, and even air fryer French fries!

doner kebab pizza pita recipe
Spicy meat, fresh lettuce, tangy sauce – all the BEST flavors you love from takeout but made fast at home. Serve with healthy kebab sauce and pizza salad, so you can have this often!
Check out this recipe

If you don’t want fries or lettuce on your pizza, you can swap those for other toppings, like roasted red peppers, roasted garlic, feta cheese, olives, mushrooms, more meats and so on. The sky is the limit.

Always be sure to add a drizzle of doner kebab sauce, or serve some kebab sauce in a small bowl on the side.

Kebab pizzas are simply amazing with doner kebab sauce and pizza salad.

Doner Kebab Appetizers

With leftover doner kebab meat, you can easily prepare these favorite appetizers:

Doner Kebab Quesadilla – tantalizing doner meat with kebab sauce and mozzarella cheese make this a perfect appetizer that comes together in no time.

doner kebab quesadilla recipe
Especially for being so easy to make, these tasty doner kebab quesadillas have a particular wow factor! Spiced doner kebab meat, melted cheese and kebab sauce are delightful together in an extra tasty rendition of a classic appetizer.
Check out this recipe

Doner Kebab Poutine – this is an irresistible take on a classic dish that combines traditional poutine ingredients with tasty doner kebab toppings!

doner kebab poutine recipe
Topped with doner kebab meat, kebab sauce, tomato and onions, get your kebab shop flavors in this doner kebab poutine with classic French fries, cheese curds and gravy.
Check out this recipe

Plus, use chopped doner kebab meat wherever you use meat in your favorite recipes.

Sprinkle chopped leftover kebab on top of cheesy nachos, baked potatoes, cheesy fries and more for some tasty variations to these classic dishes.

You’ll find you can be really creative with your own favorite recipes using leftover doner kebab meat.

Doner Kebab Mains

Doner kebab shop mains all happen to be recipes you can easily make at home.

You can enjoy leftover doner meat in a kebab roll, or over French fries in a kebab plate or kebab salad.

homemade doner kebab plate kebabtallrik recipe
A classic combination of spicy doner kebab meat, salty fries, savory kebab sauce and cold refreshing salad. An all in one restaurant style takeout dish that you can make easily at home when you have simple recipes for Instant Pot kebab meat, kebab sauce and air fryer French fries!
Check out this recipe
homemade doner kebab salad recipe
A hearty salad with homemade Instant Pot doner kebab meat and sliced vegetables, with two doner kebab sauces, red and white. Garnish with hot peppers, if desired.
Check out this recipe

Doner with rice is another popular option.

And, if you’re a fan of curries, you can prepare your favorites with leftover doner kebab meat.

Choose any Indian style curry that pairs perfect with lamb, like doner Madras for example.

It’s also excellent to use as a meat topping for pizzas or in quiches.

You’ll love this crustless quiche doner kebab for breakfast, brunch or even dinner! It’s super hearty and low carb in comparison with other quiches.

crustless doner kebab quiche plate 2 what to do with leftover doner kebab

We add some doner kebab sauce to the cream sauce to make it exceptionally savory.

crustless doner kebab quiche recipe
Hearty and packed with flavor, this stunning low carb crustless quiche doner kebab is sure to satisfy with spiced doner kebab meat, kebab sauce, bell peppers, onions and kale. Top with some extra kebab sauce and serve with red cabbage salad if desired.
Check out this recipe

As well as in quiches, you can also add leftover kebab to omelettes, scrambled eggs, frittatas, and more.

There are endless ways to enjoy leftover doner meat for breakfast or brunch.

Doner Kebab Sandwich Mix

And here’s a personal favorite.

An enticing doner kebab salad sandwich mix that you can serve in a baguette, panini or pita wrap.

kebabröra recipe
Chopped homemade doner kebab meat pieces are mixed into a flavorful rich and creamy sandwich mix that makes an addictive filling for baguettes, rolls, pita, regular bread or low carb sandwiches. Top with sliced cucumber, tomato, sliced red onion and hot peppers, if desired.
Check out this recipe

This sandwich always takes center stage.

And it’s seriously one of the best reasons to make a homemade kebab roll. You can even use store bought doner kebab if you’ve got some.

It’s similar to a tuna salad or egg salad sandwich mix, but made with doner kebab instead.

Just chop up the leftover kebab meat and mix with a few basic ingredients!

What To Do With Leftover Doner Kebab Creamy Doner Kebab Sandwich Mix kebabröra pita featured
Creamy Doner Kebab Sandwich Mix in a Pita Wrap

This is, in our opinion, the ultimate savory sandwich mix.

With bite sized spiced doner kebab in a creamy mix, what’s not to love?

This creamy doner kebab salad sandwich will no doubt have you looking forward to leftovers!

Sauces To Go With Leftover Doner Kebab

Be sure to have some kebab shop sauces to enjoy with your leftover lamb doner kebab. Here are some favorites:

homemade doner kebab red sauce recipe
Doner Kebab Red Sauce with it's spicy blend of tomatoes, garlic, onion and red chili peppers, is the perfect condiment in doner kebab recipes. Enjoy kebab shop chili sauce with homemade Instant Pot doner kebab, and in kebab plate, kebab salad, kebab roll and more..
Check out this recipe
kebab shop garlic sauce without mayo recipe
Thick and creamy Kebab Shop Garlic Sauce (Vitlökssås) is a garlic lovers dream that's easy to make and quick to disappear. Perfect on doner kebab dishes as well as barbecued or baked chicken kebabs, meat kebabs, chicken pita wraps, shawarma, souvlaki and more. It's an amazing dipping sauce for air fryer chicken wings.
Check out this recipe
kebab sauce kebabsås recipe
Restaurant style but lightened up yogurt based version of a tangy and spicy sauce that will elevate your pizzas, sandwiches, salads and wraps.
Check out this recipe

You can’t go wrong with any of these kebab shop favorite sauces.

Speaking of the best ways to enjoy kebab leftovers, here is one of our favorite ways to put leftover kebab sauces to great use!

When you’ve got extra kebab sauce, you can use it is as a savory marinade for air fryer chicken wings as well as some tantalizing dips alongside!

Garlic Kebab Sauce is especially fantastic with the wings, but the Doner Kebab Red Chili Sauce is delightful as a chicken wing dip as well.

marinated air fryer chicken wings top down
Kebab Sauce Marinated Air Fryer Chicken Wings with Doner Kebab Sauces for Dipping

It’s a simple recipe and delivers on taste every time!

Salads to Go With Leftover Doner Kebab

Try this easy doner kebab salad that’s made by simply adding leftover doner kebab meat to fresh greens or spring salad mix.

You can also add sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced onions and hot peppers if you like them!

homemade doner kebab salad recipe
A hearty salad with homemade Instant Pot doner kebab meat and sliced vegetables, with two doner kebab sauces, red and white. Garnish with hot peppers, if desired.
Check out this recipe

And, a side dish of red cabbage salad is always a nice touch! It pairs beautifully with all of the recipes with leftover doner kebab.

kebab shop Turkish red cabbage salad recipe
Add a pop of color with kebab shop Turkish red cabbage salad, a low carb and satisfyingly tangy, tender crisp side dish. Pair with your favorite doner kebab shop style appetizers and mains.
Check out this recipe

Swedish pizza salad is another perfect choice.

traditional swedish pizza salad pizzasallad recipe
A fresh and savory finely shredded cabbage salad with a refreshingly light dressing that pairs well with most pizzas. Very filling, and an excellent dish to make you feel more satisfied on a lower carb diet.
Check out this recipe

With all of these recipes using leftover doner kebab meat, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy it and you’ll find that homemade kebab is always perfect choice!

Time Saving Tips

We always look forward to our homemade doner kebab dinners. And still marvel that we can pull off these satisfying restaurant style recipes in our own kitchen, in a short time.

If you don’t already have doner kebab leftovers, here are some time saving tips for making kebab that have helped us be more efficient.

Simply begin with an easy Instant Pot recipe for doner kebab.

While that’s cooking, you can shred a half or whole cabbage for a delicious Turkish style side salad.

That salad will last a few days in the fridge and will be great to have on hand as a side dish for several doner meals.

During the Instant Pot cook time is also a great time to make a quick batch of kebab sauce and air fry the French fries.

Fresh vegetable toppings can also be prepared while the meat is cooking, based on what you will be serving.

Slice tomatoes, onions and lettuce for wraps, or get your pizza toppings ready for kebab pita pizzas.

From there, once the meat is cooked, you can prepare any of these leftover doner kebab recipes that are all relatively quick to assemble.

The next day, prepare a different leftover doner kebab dish or two!

You’re Turn To Share

How do you love to repurpose leftover kebab?

Share your leftover doner kebab ideas in the comments section and please be sure to share this post with people that you know would love the ideas here.

We really appreciate your comments and shares. Thanks so much!

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