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What To Do With Leftover Crab – Best Easy Crab Recipes

When it’s crab season and you wonder what to do with leftover crab, here are the best easy crab recipes with leftover lump crab, crabmeat from crab legs or even canned crab.

what to do with leftover crab pin

Here you’ll find inspiration for leftover crabmeat ideas and easy leftover crab recipes. There are so many delightful ways that you can incorporate crab into your meals.

From breakfast and brunch recipes, lunch and dinner options plus tons of savory appetizers, there’s no shortage of ideas here.

When you have an abundance of crab meat, there are endless ways you can enjoy it. And, every recipe is even more enjoyable than the last, it seems.

You can’t go wrong, with crabmeat as your main ingredient, the sky is the limit for tasty dishes that will keep you coming back for more.

We love to enjoy crab in Red Lobster style copycat recipes as well as in breakfast, sandwich and even sushi!

Read on to find our best easy, tried and true recipes for leftover crabmeat.

Best Crab Recipes For Breakfast and Brunch

Crab Crustless Quiche

crab crustless quiche recipe
This crab crustless quiche or oven baked crab omelette is an outstanding dish for a special brunch with its flavorful medley of eggs, cream and delightfully sweet crabmeat. With a hint of Old Bay Seasoning and savory crab shining through, each bite will melt in your mouth!
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Best Leftover Crab Appetizer Recipes

You’ll find that crabmeat is easy to mix into your favorite dip recipes. We especially love the following restaurant inspired classics:

Crab Queso Dip – Red Lobster Copycat

Leftover crab is outstanding in this crab queso dip. This recipe is quick to prepare and is excellent with Pico de Gallo and tri color tortilla chips.

red lobster crab queso dip presentation
Red Lobster crab queso dip recipe is an absolute flavor sensation with spiced cheese sauce, sweet crabmeat and savory Pico de Gallo. Serve with regular or tri color tortilla chips.
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Crabby Cheese Fries – Red Lobster Copycat

Put your leftover crabmeat to great use in this restaurant style crabby cheese fries recipe. With two easy sauces – a garlic cream and a zesty cheese sauce, you’ll absolutely love this dish!

Red Lobster crabby cheese fries recipe
Celebrate Crab Fest at home with this Red lobster Crabby Cheese Fries Recipe! Seasoned air fryer French fries are topped with a cheddar cheese sauce and a decadent garlic cream sauce with sweet lump crabmeat in this super satisfying appetizer.
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Parmesan Crab Dip – Red Lobster Copycat

Enjoy your crab leftovers in this parmesan crab dip. It’s a delicately seasoned and delicious recipe that’s perfect for a party.

baked parmesan dip with crabmeat featured
Restaurant style flavor with lightly seasoned and savory crabmeat in a rich and creamy sauce without mayo. Serve with crackers, pita bread wedges, prepared vegetable sticks and nacho chips.
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You can also enjoy leftover crabmeat in Crab Cakes and Crab Rangoon Dip!

If it’s crab dip that you have leftover, see our post about what to do with crab dip leftovers!

We share our best recipes and tips for leftover parmesan crab dip and crab queso dip.

Best Leftover Crab Lunch and Dinner Recipes

There are no shortage of pasta recipes that can be enhanced with the addition of crabmeat.

You can also use crabmeat as a topping on seafood pizzas.

Leftover crabmeat turns into a lovely crab mix for sandwiches and crab melt pizzas.

Furthermore, you can even turn your leftover crab meat into delicious sushi rolls! Add some crab to your favorite sushi.

Check out these favorites:

Crab Alfredo – Red Lobster Copycat

Red Lobster crab alfredo recipe with linguini recipe
An all-time classic favorite, this rich and creamy Red Lobster crab alfredo linguini is sure to be a hit as part of your homemade seafood dinner menu. It stands on its own as a main course or pairs nicely in smaller portions as a side dish to a variety of fish and shellfish dishes.
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Crab Pita Pizza – Red Lobster Copycat

red lobster style crab pita pizza recipe 1
Restaurant style crab and lobster pizza can be on your menu at home anytime when you add some shellfish to your grocery list. It's easy to make and has all of the flavors you love. Serves two as a main and four as an appetizer. Pair with an Italian style house or Caesar salad and a seafood chowder or soup.
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Crab Mix Sandwich Without Mayo

crab mix sandwich without mayo recipe
Easy to make for a casual yet elegant meal for seafood lovers. It can be kept mild or spiced up with optional hot pepper sauce and flakes. Perfect for a special brunch.
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Canned Crabmeat Sushi Maki Roll

You can also prepare a variety of sushi rolls with leftover crab! Check out the recipe below that also includes tips about how to easily roll sushi.

canned crabmeat sushi maki roll recipe
Canned crabmeat sushi maki roll, made with crab salad sandwich mix without mayo, with extra creaminess from cream cheese, is a convenient and tasty roll. Serve with wasabi, homemade spicy sriracha mayo sauce (drizzle over top for a spicy crab roll), soy sauce and pickled ginger.
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Crab Melt Pita Pizza

crab melt pita pizza recipe
A spicy crab dip inspired sauce with red peppers, onions and cheese makes up this festive savory pizza that elevates a simple weeknight dinner. Serve with cabbage pizza salad or a house salad.
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What To Serve With Leftover Crab Recipes

For many of our leftover crab recipes, we suggest following a seafood restaurant inspired theme.

As such, you’ll find options like house salad or Caesar salad as a great choice for side dish.

Seafood soups, like clam chowder or lobster bisque are exquisite with leftover crab dinners.

For the breakfast or brunch crab crustless quiche, baked or air fried potato wedges are fabulous alongside if you aren’t minding your carb intake.

Otherwise, vegetable fries made from butternut squash, rutabaga, or parsnips can be a lower carb option, as well, bacon and other breakfast meats are suggested for someone on a keto diet, for instance.

How To Store Leftover Crab

Leftover cooked crab will keep in the fridge for about three days.

However, as with many seafood ingredients, it’s best to consume them while freshest, within a day or two.

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