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What To Do With Cold Water Prawns – The Best Recipes

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Over the years, we’ve put together a collection of recipes with cold water prawns for seafood lovers with something for everyone. We hope this will spark some ideas for you to enjoy these delectable cold water shrimp in many recipes.

what to do with cold water shrimp pin

First thing’s first.

Don’t let their small size fool you. These guys are majorly big on flavor.

You might be wondering what you can do with those delicious cold water shrimp from IKEA or local grocery store.

They are so tempting, you’ll want to incorporate them into as many meals as possible, and fortunately, you’ll read about the many ways that you can.

IKEA cold water prawns or shrimp are one of any seafood lovers best kept secrets.

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Stock up on cold water shrimp when you are at IKEA, stop by their Supermarket and you should be able to find them in the frozen section.

Luckily, many large grocery stores carry them as well. We were able to find these President’s Choice Wild Atlantic Cold Water Shrimp.

swedish groceries shrimp

Why You’ll Love Cold Water Prawn Recipes

The flavor and texture of cold water shrimp is simply amazing.

Cold water prawns are never farmed, they are from cold, icy waters, where they grow slowly and are more tender, juicier and sweeter than other types of shrimp.

Their flavor simply can’t be beat. We love them in their plain form, and if shelled, you can peel them right from shells for an especially delicious treat.

Are Cold Water Prawns and Salad Shrimp The Same?

No. Canned salad shrimp are smaller, and less desirable in recipes, in our opinion. The flavor of cold water prawns far outweigh that of canned salad shrimp.

Nutritional Info For Cold Water Shrimp

Cold water shrimp offer numerous health benefits such as being high in selenium and protein as well as rich in vitamin B12 and minerals.

How To Prepare Cold Water Prawns Recipes

We love their simplicity of preparation.

Just thaw out the frozen bag by placing the whole bag in a large bowl of lukewarm water until the package of shrimp is sufficiently warmed.

If you are planning ahead, you can thaw the package in the fridge overnight.

If you are preparing the shrimp recipes last minute, you can toss the frozen shrimp directly into a bowl of lukewarm water to thaw them out quicker.

Transfer thawed shrimp to a colander and rinse.

Drain and pat dry.

What To Do With Leftover Cold Water Prawns – The Best Cold Water Prawns Recipes

With leftover cold water shrimp, we almost always default to IKEA shrimp sandwich. It’s the easiest lunch idea, and it’s super tasty.

Since we love the shrimp as they are, we find just an egg and a little cream sauce on a simple sandwich is such an elegant appetizer or light meal.

ikea shrimp sandwich räksmörgås recipe
Cold water shrimp with egg is the delectable treat you've been waiting for in this low carb and protein rich sandwich that will fuel your shopping trip! So easy to make at home with cold water shrimp stocked in your freezer. Made extra special with fresh dill, cucumber and lemon slices to garnish. Serve with a salad or soup.
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When we are expecting company, we make several of them.

Or if we are feeling extra festive, we assemble a Swedish style seafood sandwich cake (smörgåstårta).

It’s made with four layers of creamy sandwich mixes, including a cold water shrimp salad sandwich mix.

The smörgåstårta is beautifully garnished with smoked salmon gravlax and cold water shrimp on top.

seafood sandwich cake smörgåstårta recipe
This stunning seafood sandwich cake is perfect for your next special occasion. Four savory sandwich fillings unite in this rich and creamy Swedish style sandwich cake. Optional garnishes can be combined to create a lovely design for your smörgåstårta.
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This seafood sandwich cake is perfect for a special occasion brunch or lunch. It’s ideal for a mother’s day or milestone birthday party.

Cold Water Prawn Recipes – Sandwiches

Cold water prawns are the perfect shrimp to use in shrimp sandwiches. They are exquisite in the following:

toast skagen swedish shrimp toast recipe
An ultimate creamy blend of cold water shrimp with accents from fresh lemon, caviar and dill is the perfect savory topping for buttered toast. Easy to make and an elegant choice for special brunches and occasions like New Year's.
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shrimp salad sandwich without mayo räkröra recipe
Flavorful cold water shrimp are a seafood lovers dream come true in this creamy and tangy shrimp salad sandwich without mayo. Enjoy as a sandwich filling or as one layer in a festive Swedish style sandwich cake (smorgastarta).
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swedish shrimp salad skagenröra recipe
Delectable cold water shrimp in a creamy, flavorful mix provides the basis for an endless variety of savory Swedish sandwiches. Serve as open faced sandwiches or atop of canapé style appetizers. The mix can also be enjoyed as one layer of a seafood sandwich cake.
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Cold Water Prawn Recipes – Pizzas

Cold water shrimp make an excellent topping for pizza.

Just sprinkle them on pizzas as you would any other topping, in small or large amounts to your preference!

You can toss cold water prawns on any of your favorite pizzas, seafood pizzas, we especially like these simple but satisfying pita pizzas:

surf and turf pita pizza featured what to do with cold water prawns recipes
Surf and Turf Pita Pizza With Cold Water Prawns and Ground Meat Sauce

They are splendid as a topping in one quadrant of a Quattro Stagioni pizza!

quattro stagioni pita pizza recipe
A four course pizza, this quattro stagioni pita pizza represents the four seasons in the most delicious way. Choose your favorite four toppings, one per quadrant, and you'll really savor each one. Serve with pizza salad or a salad.
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Feel free to experiment with cold water shrimp on different styles of pizzas.

Cold water shrimp would go well on a Hawaiian pizza for example, as well as in a creamy white sauce seafood pizza with crab or lobster.

Similarly, use cold water shrimp as a topping in your favorite seafood quiches.

Sushi With Cold Water Prawns

One of our favorite ways to incorporate cold water prawns into our menus is as part of a homemade sushi feast.

We really enjoy this Shrimp Sushi Roll Uramaki with IKEA cold water shrimp that’s garnished with sesame seeds and IKEA Seaweed Pearls on top.

shrimp sushi roll uramaki recipe
This creamy shrimp sushi roll uramaki is a fusion roll inspired by Swedish Toast Skagen, made with a tangy cold water shrimp mix (skagenröra). With fish roe caviar, or IKEA seaweed pearls, a fish roe caviar substitute, this is a stunning roll in both flavor and presentation.
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Appetizers With Cold Water Prawns

Cold water shrimp are perfect in these seafood appetizers:

  • Olive Garden Copycat San Remo Seafood Dip
  • Red Lobster Style Seafood Nachos
  • Rice Wraps With Cold Water Prawns
  • Creamy Seafood Dips

You can top crackers and canapes with cold water shrimp to serve as finger foods.

Cold Water Prawn Recipes – Salads

  • Swedish Style West Coast Salad
  • Shrimp Side Salad
  • Shrimp Caesar Salad

Cold Water Prawn Recipes – Soups

  • Creamy Seafood Chowder
  • Shrimp Soup – seafood broth or Thai curry soups

You can also incorporate cold water prawns in a number of shrimp stir fry and pasta recipes. Seafood and shrimp linguine alfredo immediately comes to mind! The sky is the limit for cold water shrimp recipes.

How to Store Cold Water Prawns

Packages of sealed cold water shrimp can be frozen for several months. We love to keep a pack or two for easy entertaining at the last minute.

Just thaw and use them in your favorite recipes! Ideally, you can thaw them in the refrigerator overnight (eight hours).

Thawed cold water prawns can keep in the refrigerator for up to three days.

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