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The Best Side Dishes for Salmon Dinner – Easy Recipes

Here’s our collection of easy side dishes for salmon dinner with some classic recipes for sides of rice, pasta, vegetables, sauces and more.

We share ideas of what to serve with salmon with some of the best seafood restaurant style sides, including some IKEA Restaurant and Red Lobster copycat recipes.

best side dishes for salmon dinner easy recipes pin

Our family always looks forward to salmon dinners.

Salmon fillets and salmon steaks are easy to prepare and are a definite hit each time!

Everyone loves them and what’s nice is the easy salmon recipes can be selected based on spice level preferences of family members.

Some may prefer the milder salmon fillets with garlic and lemon as in IKEA Salmon Fillets with lemon dill sauce.

While others love Cajun Butter sauce as in Red Lobster New Orleans Salmon With Shrimp.

However you choose to prepare it, salmon offers a delightful meal option with a variety of pleasing side dishes to go with.

We share our favorite recipes and ideas for what to serve with salmon dinner. Read on for our best tried and true salmon side dishes.

Side Dishes for Salmon – Potato

Potato dishes are a comforting go-to side dish for salmon. Creamy mashed potatoes, baked potatoes and potato casseroles offer a delightful option to go with your homemade seafood dinner.

Creamy Lobster Mashed Potatoes

Our copycat recipe for Red Lobster inspired Creamy Lobster Mashed Potatoes are a crave worthy side dish you’ll love to have for any occasion.

The lobster mash is typically served with a Beurre Blanc sauce at the restaurant, but we love ours with the Cajun Butter Sauce that goes with Salmon New Orleans and Shrimp.

You can choose to serve creamy mashed potatoes with or without the lobster meat. You can follow the same recipe and just omit the lobster if you don’t want it.

red lobster creamy lobster mashed potatoes recipe
Elevate your homemade seafood menus with luxurious Red Lobster creamy lobster mashed potatoes with Cajun butter sauce. The perfect decadent side dish for both dry and saucy mains – sure to please along with any meat, fish, curries or stews.
Check out this recipe

Creamy Lobster Baked Potato

Here’s another super easy recipe that pairs well with salmon.

Just as in the lobster mashed potato recipe, you’ll need to prepare the Cajun Butter sauce or Beurre Blanc sauce. Then, top your oven baked potatoes with lobster meat as well as sauce for an easy and delicious side!

Instant Pot Jansson’s Temptation Frestelse

This Swedish style casserole, Jannson’s temptation frestelse is a rich and creamy match stick potato dish, similar to au gratin style but with savory anchovies and onions in the cream sauce.

You may be skeptical of the anchovies and onions, but you’ve really got to try this one for yourself! The anchovies and onions enhance the dish without overpowering it at all.

Traditionally, this is a hearty dish served at Christmas, however it is so good you can definitely enjoy it more often.

We cook ours in the Instant Pot, but it is usually baked in the oven.

Our Instant Pot method creates an evenly cooked melt in your mouth tenderness throughout.

Although, for a crisp topping, you can transfer the dish to a casserole and into the oven at the end if you prefer.

instant pot janssons frestelse temptation recipe
Decadent matchstick potato casserole side dish with onions and anchovies that melt into a rich and savory cream sauce with a buttery topping. Served on special occasions with meat and fish.
Check out this recipe

Side Dishes for Salmon – Rice and Pasta

Rice and pasta side dishes are easy to make and are great to serve as side dishes because they are hearty and filling.

Wild Rice Pilaf

A classic side with seafood entrées, you’ll love this wild rice pilaf with salmon.

instant pot wild rice pilaf recipe red lobster copycat recipe
Full of flavor, color and texture, this popular seafood restaurant style side dish is perfect with all of your favorite entrées. Especially delightful when served with butter sauce based dishes like garlic butter shrimp, lobster tails and salmon fillets.
Check out this recipe

Mushroom Pilaf

If you love mushrooms, you can prepare this easy mushroom wild rice pilaf that pairs well with salmon.

instant pot wild rice mushroom pilaf recipe
A hearty side dish, Instant Pot mushroom wild rice pilaf is easy to make and satisfies like your favorite steak house! Serve alongside a steak dinner, with tender meat, gravy and your favorite sautéed vegetables.
Check out this recipe

Lobster Mac and Cheese

Take everyone’s favorite comfort side dish up a few notches with the addition of a creamy lobster sauce with tender lobster meat.

You’ll find it’s still very easy to prepare but adds a nice change from the usual with lobster sauce, fun cavatappi pasta and parmesan topping.

Lobster mac and cheese is perfect for any special occasion or holiday.

red lobster lobster mac and cheese recipe
Simple, wholesome ingredients and a super quick preparation make this creamy Red Lobster lobster mac and cheese hard to beat. Fun cavatappi pasta with a luxurious lobster sauce combine beautifully in this elegant side dish.
Check out this recipe

Crab Alfredo With Linguini

Just like the restaurants, we love to enjoy smaller servings of crab alfredo linguini as a side dish to a seafood dinner.

Similarly, you could serve a variation of any seafood, lobster, scallop and shrimp linguini dish.

Red Lobster crab alfredo recipe with linguini recipe
An all-time classic favorite, this rich and creamy Red Lobster crab alfredo linguini is sure to be a hit as part of your homemade seafood dinner menu. It stands on its own as a main course or pairs nicely in smaller portions as a side dish to a variety of fish and shellfish dishes.
Check out this recipe


Orzo looks like rice but is actually a small pasta. It’s easy to make in this basic Instant Pot recipe.

However, you don’t need an Instant Pot, you can cook it as you would any pasta in a pot on the stove top, according to the package directions.

To make it more of a restaurant style side dish, after cooking you can add butter, lemon, garlic, freshly grated parmesan cheese and fresh chopped parsley.

instant pot orzo pasta recipe
Super fast preparation of a stand by side dish that can flexibly be made into spicy soups and flavorful pasta salads or kept mild with melted butter, parmesan and lemon juice.
Check out this recipe

Side Dishes for Salmon – Vegetables and Salad

A crisp side salad is always a welcomed addition to a salmon dinner.

You can go with mixed greens, a restaurant style house salad or Caesar salad. A shrimp Caesar salad would be an especially nice touch with a salmon meal!

Some of the best side dishes for seafood are super easy to make. Some favorites include steamed vegetables and seasoned broccoli.

You can prepare your own seasoned broccoli and steamed vegetables or you can use frozen packaged vegetables to save time.

Our local Costco has large bags of frozen vegetable mixes that can make a perfect side dish to your salmon fillets. One of their vegetable blends is pictured along with our IKEA Salmon Fillets.

Garlic Green Beans

Green beans are one of the simplest side dishes, yet so delightful with a seafood dinner menu.

These garlic green beans are a nutritious side dish that also add a pop of color to the plate!

instant pot red lobster style green beans recipe
Instant Pot Red Lobster style green beans are the perfect family favorite vegetable side dish for your homemade seafood dinner menus. You can serve with a variety of main courses, also fabulous as part of a barbecue or homemade steakhouse menu.
Check out this recipe

Brussel Sprouts

Another delicious and nutritious vegetable side dish, you’ll want to include these Brussel sprouts with your salmon entrées.

crispy instant pot-brussel sprouts recipe
Savory, crisp and slightly caramelized from a quick pan fry with parmesan and seasoning, these delectable bites are perfect with your seafood dinner menus. Serve with easy homemade Red Lobster style dishes like shrimp scampi and lobster tails, stuffed mushroom caps with crabmeat, lobster artichoke dip, parmesan crab dip and Instant Pot wild rice pilaf.
Check out this recipe

Root Vegetable Mash Rotmos

If you’re looking for an alternative to plain mashed potatoes, this Swedish style root vegetable mash (rotmos) is an extremely tasty variation.

Our recipe includes sweet potato, parsnips and carrots, although you can use other root vegetables like rutabaga and more.

We love this root vegetable mash with salmon fillets and prepare it often at home to go with seafood and meat dishes.

root vegetable mash (rotmos) recipe
This root vegetable mash (rotmos) is an extremely comforting and delicious side dish with natural sweetness and buttery flavor from cooked carrots, sweet potatoes and parsnips. Perfect for the holidays or anytime as it pairs so well with a variety of mains.
Check out this recipe

Asparagus Cucumber Tomato Salad

This is one of our favorite salads that goes with absolutely everything, and salmon is no exception!

We love to pair this easy asparagus cucumber tomato salad with our salmon dinners throughout the year.

tomato cucumber asparagus salad recipe
All-time favorite summer salad with a front row seat to every BBQ and picnic. Bonus flavor if you use ripe garden veggies! Don't worry you can still serve it year round as a side dish to your favorite main dishes.
Check out this recipe

Side Dishes for Salmon – Soup

A seafood soup is an excellent pairing with a salmon dinner. Some popular restaurant style options are clam chowder and lobster bisque.

There are many other vegetable soups that pair with salmon. You can add an asparagus or a tomato soup, among others.

Seafood style chowders, that include cooked salmon make great use of leftover salmon. When you have leftovers from a salmon dinner you can enjoy them in a seafood soup.

Side Dishes for Salmon – Shrimp

Shrimp scampi is often served as a main course, although you can always serve it in smaller portions as a side dish to salmon.

Just as seafood restaurants do, you can combine salmon fillets with shrimp for a tantalizing meal.

For a flavorful dish, Salmon New Orleans With Shrimp, in a Cajun butter sauce is a perfect choice!

red lobster salmon new orleans with shrimp recipe
Red Lobster Salmon New Orleans with shrimp is a powerhouse of delectable salmon and spiced shrimp in a Cajun butter sauce with Pico de Gallo. Serve with creamy lobster mashed potatoes and garlic green beans.
Check out this recipe

Or, you can quickly make some garlic and red pepper infused Shrimp Scampi on the stovetop that’s just as tasty!

red lobster copycat shrimp scampi recipe
Impressive, quick to prepare and full of flavor, these large, delectable shrimp with butter garlic sauce are perfect for your homemade seafood restaurant inspired dinner menus. Serve with Red Lobster inspired dishes; Instant Pot wild rice pilaf, crispy Brussel sprouts, stuffed mushroom caps with crabmeat, lobster artichoke dip and lobster tails.
Check out this recipe

Side Dishes for Salmon – Sauce

There are so many delicious sauce options for salmon. You can make many of them easily at home, or use store bought for convenience.

Salmon can be cooked along with a sauce or glaze, like a lemon butter garlic sauce or a maple ginger soy sauce.

You can also add sauces after cooking if you like.

You can serve the sauce drizzled over top of the salmon or in a separate serving dish on the side for guests who may or may not want sauce.

IKEA Salmon Fillets With Lemon and Dill Sauce

We love IKEA Salmon fillets and enjoy them in a variety of preparations.

One of the simplest methods is our recipe for salmon fillets cooked in a garlic butter sauce and then topped with IKEA Lemon and Dill Sauce (Lackergom).

The lemon and dill sauce can be purchased at IKEA Supermarket or you can make a homemade recipe or another similar sauce.

IKEA salmon fillet with lemon dill sauce recipe
Homemade IKEA salmon fillets with lemon dill sauce are an easy family favorite with seafood restaurant quality. Serve with mashed potatoes or rice pilaf and steamed broccoli or a salad.
Check out this recipe

We also love Red Lobster Cajun Butter Sauce with Salmon New Orleans and our Maple Glaze Sauce With Lingonberries in our Maple Glazed Salmon dinner.

There are so many more sauces to try with salmon. One of the simplest and very best is a maple syrup and soy sauce glaze with garlic and ginger!

Salmon Dinner Ideas With Side Dish Suggestions

Salmon Dinner Idea #1:

IKEA salmon fillet with lemon dill sauce top down
IKEA Salmon Fillet With Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Vegetables and Lemon Dill Sauce

Salmon Dinner Idea #2:

red lobster salmon lobster shrimp ideas
Red Lobster Salmon New Orleans With Shrimp, Creamy Lobster Mashed Potatoes With Cajun Butter Sauce and Garlic Green Beans

Salmon Dinner Idea #3:

Red Lobster maple glazed salmon dinner
Maple Glazed Salmon With Shrimp and Orzo

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