best low carb and keto food at IKEA

The Best Low Carb and Keto Friendly Meals at IKEA

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If you are minding your carbs and love IKEA, you’ll want to know the best low carb and keto friendly meals at IKEA Restaurant, plus low carb grocery items you can buy.

You’ll be glad to know you can also purchase many of the items from the restaurant at IKEA Supermarket.

best low carb and keto food at IKEA

We also include our favorite IKEA copycat recipes that will allow you to recreate these favorites at home.

If you’ve got an IKEA location near by, check it out and be sure to take a break for lunch and enjoy some of these lower carb menu items.

For most of the main dishes, you’ll need to substitute side dishes like steamed vegetables or salad for the usual suspects that are higher in carbs like pasta, bread, rice and potatoes.

Plus, depending on how strict you follow a low carb or keto diet, some of these may need to be adapted.

For instance enjoy open faced sandwiches without the bread or with a lower carb bread or crispbread.

Or you may need to forego or limit the sauces and condiments that are typically served with the dishes, if necessary.

There are some great meat and seafood choices at IKEA Restaurant and we’re pretty certain that you’ll be able to find something that suits your needs.

Remember to grab some seafood ingredients at the supermarket (cold water shrimp, smoked salmon gravlax, salmon fillets, and more) on your way out.

There are also many Swedish grocery items at the IKEA store that are difficult to find outside of Sweden.

And be sure to try out some of these IKEA copycat recipes when you get home!

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Keto Friendly Food At IKEA Restaurant

Here are the best keto friendly meal choices at IKEA’s Restaurant.

In a nutshell, your best bets are the salmon mains, meat dishes, salads and if your diet allows, the Swedish meatballs.

Moreover, you’ll need to be aware of the side dishes and choose steamed veggies and salads rather than starchy sides like pasta, potatoes, rice and bread.

Be mindful of the sugars in any sauces and condiments and enjoy them in smaller amounts, if needed.

Are The Meatballs From IKEA Keto Friendly?

The meatballs are relatively low in carbs, although whether they can be consumed on keto might depend on your serving size and the rest of your food choices for the day.

In one serving of ten IKEO Swedish meatballs, there are roughly 7.5 grams of carbohydrates.

They are pretty hearty and since we usually have more dishes at the same time, like the smoked salmon salad, we find that we are satisfied with just a few meatballs.

You might want to consider sharing the meatball dish with your loved one or ask for a side of meatballs or a half portion, if possible.

IKEA Swedish Meatballs

When choosing meatballs at IKEA, ask for a side of steamed vegetables instead of mashed potatoes.

NOTE: If you’re making our copycat recipe at home, there are some required substitutions to ensure the Swedish meatballs are lower in carbs.

You can sub almond flour for all purpose flour and cream for milk, and skip or enjoy the gravy sparingly.

Also, be sure to serve with some cauliflower mash instead of mashed potatoes, or steamed vegetables like green beans, seasoned cauliflower or Brussel sprouts.

You can serve Swedish meatballs with keto egg noodles, although regular egg noodles are too high in carbs.

Instead of lingonberry jam, try it with a side of creamy pickled beet salad (Rödbetssallad).

Instant Pot IKEA Swedish meatballs recipe
If you can't make it to IKEA, don't fret! Delightful in both flavor and simplicity, you can easily add these Swedish style meatballs to your weekly dinner rotation! Serve with mashed potatoes or over egg noodles.
Check out this recipe

IKEA Smoked Salmon Gravlax Salad

Here’s one of the best low carb meal options at IKEA. We love this one every time we go.

A cured or smoked salmon plate with salad and a side of mustard dill sauce (to enjoy sparingly, but it’s flavorful and a little goes a long way).

smoked salmon gravlax salad recipe
An elegant lunch at the snap of a finger, you can make this anytime with some smoked salmon (gravlax) stocked in your freezer. Smoked salmon is packed flat and thaws quickly. Just add some mixed mesclun greens with mustard dill sauce and lemon wedges on the side. Can be served with buttered crisp bread (knackebrod) and a soup.
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IKEA Shrimp Sandwich (on a low carb bread)

Our copycat recipe for IKEA shrimp sandwich is made with a low carb bread like Carbonaut.

And obviously, the nature of an open faced sandwich, with one bread slice only, already cuts the carbs in half when compared to a regular sandwich with two slices.

So depending on your choice of bread, this may be suitable for a low carb or keto diet. You might want to consider putting it on a crispbread instead of bread.

ikea shrimp sandwich räksmörgås recipe
Cold water shrimp with egg is the delectable treat you've been waiting for in this low carb and protein rich sandwich that will fuel your shopping trip! So easy to make at home with cold water shrimp stocked in your freezer. Made extra special with fresh dill, cucumber and lemon slices to garnish. Serve with a salad or soup.
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IKEA Salad

If your IKEA offers a salad of mixed greens with cold water shrimp and possibly egg on top, that is a fantastic option for a low carb lunch!

You can easily put together a salad with mixed greens, shrimp and hard cooked eggs at home when you have some delectable cold water shrimp – another reason to grab some at IKEA Supermarket!

IKEA also offers a number of salads at some locations, such as Caesar, Greek, Chicken Spinach Salad (excellent choice!) and more.

Check that the ingredients in the salads are low carb and remember to enjoy the salads without croutons.

IKEA Salmon Fillets

IKEA salmon fillets, when prepared in a lemon butter sauce are a great choice for a low carb or keto meal at IKEA Restaurant.

For a strict diet, you’ll need to forego the lemon dill sauce, or enjoy sparingly. And, remember to sub a steamed vegetable side dish for the mashed potatoes.

If you’re following a low carb diet, you’ll want to avoid any rice, pasta or bread sides as well.

IKEA salmon fillet with lemon dill sauce recipe
Homemade IKEA salmon fillets with lemon dill sauce are an easy family favorite with seafood restaurant quality. Serve with mashed potatoes or rice pilaf and steamed broccoli or a salad.
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Our copycat recipe for salmon fillets is prepared with butter sauce and is suitable for a low carb diet, without the lemon and dill Lackergom sauce over top.

IKEA Swedish Shrimp Salad (Skagenröra)

On a low carb bread such as Carbonaut, this recipe for shrimp salad sandwich is lower in carbs and can potentially be a good choice on a keto diet.

At the restaurant, depending on the type of bread that’s used, you may need to skip it, unless you are able to have one slice of bread that day.

IKEA’s crispbread are relatively low in carbs and may be a good alternative to bread in this recipe.

swedish shrimp salad skagenröra recipe
Delectable cold water shrimp in a creamy, flavorful mix provides the basis for an endless variety of savory Swedish sandwiches. Serve as open faced sandwiches or atop of canapé style appetizers. The mix can also be enjoyed as one layer of a seafood sandwich cake.
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Low Carb/Keto IKEA Breakfast Menu

For breakfast, eggs and typical breakfast meats like bacon, ham and sausage are usually ok on a low carb diet.

Like usual, you’ll need to avoid pancakes, potatoes and bread.

Beans in sauce are likely to have too much sugar, although you may like a small serving.

If the smoked salmon salad is available at that time, it is a great low carb addition to a breakfast menu.

IKEA Tomato Soup With Garden Vegetables

We love the tomato garden soup with vegetables. It isn’t too low carb though, with 17g of carb, 5g of fiber and 12g net carbs.

It is relatively low carb compared to other menu choices and you may be able to sneak it in to your daily allowance if that works for you.

IKEA soups vary by location but you can check out the nutrition facts for any of them online.

Keto Friendly Food At IKEA Bistro

Low carb options are limited at IKEA Bistro. A hot dog or sausage without the bun is your best bet.

To be honest, we would probably skip the bistro and dine in the IKEA Restaurant for more low carb choices.

Although, even though our family always enjoys a hearty meal at the restaurant, our kids won’t let us leave IKEA without a stop at the Bistro for all of their favorite not so low carb finds!

Keto Friendly Food At IKEA Food Market/Swedish Shop

Remember to stop by IKEA food market on the way out. There are so many excellent items of seafood, cheese and more. Many are low in carbs and might be suitable on a keto diet.

Try these favorites:

  • Frozen IKEA Salmon Fillets
  • Frozen IKEA Smoked Salmon or IKEA Cured Salmon Gravlax
  • Frozen IKEA Cold Water Shrimp
  • Frozen IKEA Swedish Meatballs
  • IKEA Farmer’s Cheese
  • IKEA Crispbread
  • IKEA Seaweed Pearls (sub for caviar in dishes)

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