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The Best Easy Red Lobster Copycat Recipes

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There’s nothing like a trip to Red Lobster to satisfy your seafood cravings and to make your own Red Lobster copycat recipes at home is a whole other rewarding experience.

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We enjoy Red Lobster so much that we love to recreate some of our favorite menus at home.

Keep in mind that none of our recipes are exact replicas, but are inspired by the originals.

We try to use less breading and make substitutions for high calorie and saturated fat ingredients where possible.

This makes it possible to enjoy these traditionally rich recipes, made lighter, without having to worry too much about over indulging.

We even add our own twists to a recipe now and then, pair a dish with another sauce for instance, that we feel adds to the excitement.

The result is always a super flavorful, highly satisfying menu or dish that makes for a delightful and memorable meal at home.

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Best Red Lobster Copycat Recipes – Appetizers

Many of these are tried and true classics that everyone loves.

Red Lobster Crabby Cheese Fries

Sure to wow your guests, this savory and hearty appetizer is a stunner with two flavorful sauces and succulent crabmeat.

Red Lobster crabby cheese fries recipe
Celebrate Crab Fest at home with this Red lobster Crabby Cheese Fries Recipe! Seasoned air fryer French fries are topped with a cheddar cheese sauce and a decadent garlic cream sauce with sweet lump crabmeat in this super satisfying appetizer.
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Red Lobster Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed Mushroom Caps with Crabmeat are little delights packed with a burst of flavor in every bite!

stuffed mushroom caps with crabmeat featured
Restaurant style, savory crab stuffed mushrooms are easy to make and the perfect appetizer to take your seafood dinner menu or any special occasion to the next level.
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Red Lobster Escargot – For the true escargot lover this recipe accentuates the natural flavor of escargot with garlic butter and melted cheese.

escargot stuffed mushrooms recipe
The perfect appetizer for your most special occasions, to serve with restaurant style seafood, meat and vegetarian entrees. A lightly seasoned garlic butter sauce with parmesan cheese bubbles nicely over top to make this a dish to remember.
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Best Red Lobster Copycat Recipes – Dips

This stunning Red Lobster Crab Queso Dip is a perfect choice for a game day or special gathering.

red lobster crab queso dip presentation
Red Lobster crab queso dip recipe is an absolute flavor sensation with spiced cheese sauce, sweet crabmeat and savory Pico de Gallo. Serve with regular or tri color tortilla chips.
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This Lobster Artichoke Dip loaded with artichokes and tender chunks of lobster meat is sure to please your seafood loving guests.

Delectable artichoke dip appetizer with lobster meat tucked inside, a delightful surprise for artichoke and seafood lovers. Serve with nacho chips, pita bread wedges, Triscuit crackers and pico de gallo.
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A milder but still delicious recipe, this Parmesan Crab Dip is a great choice for a party.

baked parmesan dip with crabmeat featured
Restaurant style flavor with lightly seasoned and savory crabmeat in a rich and creamy sauce without mayo. Serve with crackers, pita bread wedges, prepared vegetable sticks and nacho chips.
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Best Red Lobster Copycat Recipes – Main Courses

Red Lobster Salmon New Orleans With Shrimp

red lobster salmon new orleans with shrimp recipe
Red Lobster Salmon New Orleans with shrimp is a powerhouse of delectable salmon and spiced shrimp in a Cajun butter sauce with Pico de Gallo. Serve with creamy lobster mashed potatoes and garlic green beans.
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Red Lobster Crab Alfredo Linguini

Red Lobster crab alfredo recipe with linguini recipe
An all-time classic favorite, this rich and creamy Red Lobster crab alfredo linguini is sure to be a hit as part of your homemade seafood dinner menu. It stands on its own as a main course or pairs nicely in smaller portions as a side dish to a variety of fish and shellfish dishes.
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Red Lobster Shrimp Scampi

red lobster copycat shrimp scampi recipe
Impressive, quick to prepare and full of flavor, these large, delectable shrimp with butter garlic sauce are perfect for your homemade seafood restaurant inspired dinner menus. Serve with Red Lobster inspired dishes; Instant Pot wild rice pilaf, crispy Brussel sprouts, stuffed mushroom caps with crabmeat, lobster artichoke dip and lobster tails.
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Shrimp scampi is also excellent over linguini.

red lobster copycat recipes shrimp scampi closeup

In this Red Lobster style Maple Glazed Salmon we have swapped the cherries with lingonberry jam.

Red Lobster maple glazed salmon recipe
Baked in a sweet and savory maple sauce with hints of citrus and soy, these homemade Red Lobster style maple glazed salmon fillets are a treat for seafood lovers.
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Red Lobster Baked Lobster Tails

oven baked lobster tails recipe 2
A stunning addition to a homemade restaurant style seafood dinner menu, you will love these lobster tails for their ease of preparation as well as satisfying results. Serve with additional seafood restaurant inspired dishes like stuffed mushroom caps with crabmeat, lobster artichoke dip, shrimp scampi, wild rice pilaf and crispy Brussel sprouts.
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Best Red Lobster Copycat Recipes – Sides

Red Lobster Creamy Lobster Mashed Potatoes

red lobster creamy lobster mashed potatoes recipe
Elevate your homemade seafood menus with luxurious Red Lobster creamy lobster mashed potatoes with Cajun butter sauce. The perfect decadent side dish for both dry and saucy mains – sure to please along with any meat, fish, curries or stews.
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Red Lobster Lobster Mac and Cheese

red lobster lobster mac and cheese recipe
Simple, wholesome ingredients and a super quick preparation make this creamy Red Lobster lobster mac and cheese hard to beat. Fun cavatappi pasta with a luxurious lobster sauce combine beautifully in this elegant side dish.
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Red Lobster Rice Pilaf

instant pot wild rice pilaf recipe red lobster copycat recipe
Full of flavor, color and texture, this popular seafood restaurant style side dish is perfect with all of your favorite entrées. Especially delightful when served with butter sauce based dishes like garlic butter shrimp, lobster tails and salmon fillets.
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Red Lobster Garlic Green Beans

instant pot red lobster style green beans recipe
Instant Pot Red Lobster style green beans are the perfect family favorite vegetable side dish for your homemade seafood dinner menus. You can serve with a variety of main courses, also fabulous as part of a barbecue or homemade steakhouse menu.
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Red Lobster Crispy Brussel Sprouts

crispy instant pot-brussel sprouts recipe
Savory, crisp and slightly caramelized from a quick pan fry with parmesan and seasoning, these delectable bites are perfect with your seafood dinner menus. Serve with easy homemade Red Lobster style dishes like shrimp scampi and lobster tails, stuffed mushroom caps with crabmeat, lobster artichoke dip, parmesan crab dip and Instant Pot wild rice pilaf.
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More Red Lobster Copycat Recipes

In addition to these recipes from our site, here’s a summary of 21 Amazing Red Lobster Copycat Recipes by

We appreciate the shout out for our Crab Queso Appetizer!

Red Lobster Copycat Recipes – Homemade Menu Ideas for Easy Entertaining

Easy Homemade Seafood Dinner Option #1 – Salmon New Orleans With Shrimp

red lobster copycat recipes salmon lobster shrimp ideas

Easy Homemade Seafood Dinner Option #2 – Maple Glazed Salmon With Shrimp and Orzo

Red Lobster copycat recipes maple glazed salmon dinner

Easy Homemade Seafood Dinner Option #3 – Shrimp Scampi With Rice Pilaf

red lobster copycat recipes dinner menu 2 featured

Easy Homemade Seafood Dinner Option #4 – Appetizer Plates

red lobster copycat recipes dinner menu presentation

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