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Easy Red Lobster Side Dishes To Make at Home

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When you love to cook seafood dinners at home, you need easy and comforting Red Lobster side dishes to enhance and round out the menus.

best red lobster side dishes you can enjoy at home pin

We all love to go out to seafood restaurants like Red Lobster, am I right?

And wish that we could dine out more often.

A perfectly cooked and flavorful seafood menu is hard to beat.

Plus, with a variety of satisfying side dishes that are full of comfort, like lobster mash and creamy lobster mac and cheese, you’ll crave a seafood dinner again and again.

But, if you can’t get out to the restaurant as much as you’d like, it’s ok.

You can learn to make all of these easy Red Lobster Copycat Recipes at home.

And, you’ll be surprised at how simple many of them are. For the longest time we believed we had to go to a restaurant to enjoy restaurant style food.

But, now we know that that’s just not the case. We still enjoy all of our favorites, but mostly at home, nowadays. Plus, you can save some money too.

You’ll be amazed that you can cook up these satisfying, comfort dishes, like easy potato, rice, pasta and vegetable side dishes at home.

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Red Lobster Side Dishes – Pasta

Red Lobster Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

You’ll love this lobster mac and cheese for how delicious and comforting it is.

It’s easy to prepare and a hearty side dish that pairs well with seafood and meat. Serve it with surf and turf entrees, burgers, shellfish and more.

red lobster lobster mac and cheese recipe
Simple, wholesome ingredients and a super quick preparation make this creamy Red Lobster lobster mac and cheese hard to beat. Fun cavatappi pasta with a luxurious lobster sauce combine beautifully in this elegant side dish.
Check out this recipe

You really can’t go wrong since lobster mac and cheese is a welcomed addition to any menu.

Red Lobster Crab Alfredo Linguini

This crab alfredo linguini is usually more of a main dish, although it can be served in smaller portions as a side to a seafood platter.

You could design a homemade Crab Fest Menu with crab legs and/or sirloin Oscar with some crab linguini for example.

Red Lobster crab alfredo recipe with linguini recipe
An all-time classic favorite, this rich and creamy Red Lobster crab alfredo linguini is sure to be a hit as part of your homemade seafood dinner menu. It stands on its own as a main course or pairs nicely in smaller portions as a side dish to a variety of fish and shellfish dishes.
Check out this recipe

Red Lobster Side Dishes – Potatoes

Red Lobster Creamy Lobster Mashed Potatoes

You can enjoy lobster mashed potatoes with any seafood entree. It’s an excellent choice to go with your homemade seafood menu.

Our creamy lobster mashed potatoes with a Cajun butter sauce are the perfect side dish to Red Lobster Salmon New Orleans With Shrimp and green beans.

red lobster creamy lobster mashed potatoes recipe
Elevate your homemade seafood menus with luxurious Red Lobster creamy lobster mashed potatoes with Cajun butter sauce. The perfect decadent side dish for both dry and saucy mains – sure to please along with any meat, fish, curries or stews.
Check out this recipe

Red Lobster Lobster Baked Potato

Here’s another easy side dish that’s perfect with a surf and turf dinner.

Just bake some potatoes and add lobster meat with either a beurre blanc sauce or our Cajun butter sauce from our Creamy Lobster Mashed Potatoes recipe.

You can top with fresh chives for a extra flavor and a lovely presentation.

Red Lobster Crabby Cheese Fries

This is one of our favorite appetizers, although it can also be served as a side dish to a fish fry style dinner with fish and chips.

It would pair exquisitely as a side dish to meals that feature burgers, steak, seafood and more.

Red Lobster crabby cheese fries recipe
Celebrate Crab Fest at home with this Red lobster Crabby Cheese Fries Recipe! Seasoned air fryer French fries are topped with a cheddar cheese sauce and a decadent garlic cream sauce with sweet lump crabmeat in this super satisfying appetizer.
Check out this recipe

You’ll find these Crabby Cheese Fries are always a special treat whether served as an appetizer or side.

Red Lobster Side Dishes – Rice

Red Lobster Wild Rice Pilaf

instant pot wild rice pilaf recipe red lobster copycat recipe
Full of flavor, color and texture, this popular seafood restaurant style side dish is perfect with all of your favorite entrées. Especially delightful when served with butter sauce based dishes like garlic butter shrimp, lobster tails and salmon fillets.
Check out this recipe

Red Lobster Orzo Rice

While not technically rice, you can make this Instant Pot Orzo pasta as a side dish to any of your seafood meals. You can add butter, lemon, parmesan, herbs and seasonings to make it extra delish.

instant pot orzo pasta recipe
Super fast preparation of a stand by side dish that can flexibly be made into spicy soups and flavorful pasta salads or kept mild with melted butter, parmesan and lemon juice.
Check out this recipe

We like to use our Instant Pot, although you can follow the package directions in a pot on the stove top just as easily.

You can mix it with some regular cooked rice as well to make it more like the restaurant although we usually prefer to enjoy either rice or orzo separately.

Red Lobster Side Dishes – Vegetables

A vegetable side dish is the perfect complement to a seafood dish or platter.

You’ll especially love a gorgeous green vegetable, like seasoned broccoli, green beans or Brussel sprouts that stand out on the plate.

Most types of salad, like a house style, Caesar salad, coleslaw or mixed green salad are also fantastic as a side dish to seafood.

Red Lobster Green Beans

A super easy side dish, these garlic green beans are easy to make. We use our Instant Pot, but you don’t have to. You can boil the green beans on the stovetop and then saute them for a bit in the garlic.

instant pot red lobster style green beans recipe
Instant Pot Red Lobster style green beans are the perfect family favorite vegetable side dish for your homemade seafood dinner menus. You can serve with a variety of main courses, also fabulous as part of a barbecue or homemade steakhouse menu.
Check out this recipe

These garlic green beans are also a good choice for anyone on a low carb or keto diet.

If you’re interested in low carb food, check out our How to Eat Low Carb at Red Lobster that also includes copycat recipes.

Crispy Brussel Sprouts

We make these Brussel sprouts in our Instant Pot, but you don’t need to use that method. They’re easy to prepare on the stove top as well.

Our recipe is lower in carbs than the restaurant version, without the sweet glaze drizzled on and minus the crispy onions.

Although you can easily top these with a maple soy glaze and store bought fried onions if you like. The Brussel sprouts are still fantastic as is, though.

crispy instant pot-brussel sprouts recipe
Savory, crisp and slightly caramelized from a quick pan fry with parmesan and seasoning, these delectable bites are perfect with your seafood dinner menus. Serve with easy homemade Red Lobster style dishes like shrimp scampi and lobster tails, stuffed mushroom caps with crabmeat, lobster artichoke dip, parmesan crab dip and Instant Pot wild rice pilaf.
Check out this recipe

Red Lobster Main Courses and Side Dish Pairings – Two Easy Homemade Seafood Menu Ideas

Looking for some Red Lobster Copycat Main Courses to go with your side dishes?

We provide two easy menu ideas below for some inspiration on how to pair up Red Lobster mains with sides.

Here are some of our favorite tried and true recipes and meal ideas:

red lobster salmon lobster shrimp ideas
Easy Red Lobster Meal Example #1: Salmon New Orleans With Shrimp, Lobster Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans, With Lobster Tail Optional
red lobster style dinner menu 2 presentation
Easy Red Lobster Meal Example #2: Shrimp Scampi, Wild Rice Pilaf, Seasoned Broccoli and/or Brussel Sprouts

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