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Easy Breakfast Crêpes – Thin Swedish Pancakes (Pannkakor)

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This easy Swedish pancake (pannkakor) recipe makes perfect thin pancakes every batch.  It only uses three main ingredients, all commonly found in most household fridges and pantries. 

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The recipe is derived from traditional Swedish pancakes and has been enjoyed for generations. The recipe remains true to the one my grandmother shared with me as a kid.

I love the smell of freshly made crêpes in the morning, as much as I love the smell of fresh coffee. I also love hearing my kids call out – “Yay! Pancakes!” when they wake up.

These Swedish pancakes can be enjoyed with many different fillings. They can be rolled up with butter, Nutella hazelnut spread, or strawberry jam. But I like them best when folded over with fresh fruit inside.

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What Makes This Swedish Pannkakor Recipe Special?

This recipe is simplified to a point that it only consists of three main ingredients. But the ratio of ingredients is very important.

The amount of the ingredients have been tested through time to make the pannkakor fail-proof. 

How many times have you tried to make thin pancakes, just to have them fall apart when you try to flip them?  This recipe is guaranteed to make the pancakes stay together.

They will finish golden brown and soft with a crispy edge, every batch. 

By using more eggs and slightly more flour than most recipes, these pannkakor stay soft and flip with ease.  I also prefer to use 3.25% homogenized milk as it makes the Swedish pancakes creamier and adds more flavor to them.

Are Swedish Pannkakor Similar to Crêpes?

Crêpes and pancakes are both made with egg, milk and flour.  But breakfast pancakes tend to be smaller in diameter and thicker in size than crêpes.  The size difference comes from a raising agent, such as baking powder or baking soda, commonly used in pancakes.  

The recipe I am about to share with you is a recipe for traditional Swedish pancakes. These pancakes are very similar to crêpes. 

The main difference is the consistency.  The Swedish pancakes tend to be fluffier and softer than crêpes.  These pancakes are also slightly thicker as the recipe calls for more flour-to-liquid amount than crêpes.

Ingredients used in Swedish Pannkakor

This recipe uses simple ingredients commonly found in most fridges and pantries.  Egg, flour, and milk make up the batter. Each pancake is also fried in a bit of salted butter. Not only does the salted butter add flavor to the pannkakor, it also allows them to release from the pan easier. And it gives the edge a crispy deep fried feel.

For the best results, I recommend using 3.25% milk.  The heavier milk gives the pancakes a creamier taste. Just like pancakes made from buttermilk, but without the sourness that comes with it. As mentioned, the recipe is minimalistic so there is no salt or sugar added to it.  The 3.25% milk is sweet tasting as it is, and by using salted butter there is no need for additional salt. 

Unlike many other recipes, the butter is only used to grease the frying pan and is not added to the mix in melted form. Once you make this recipe you will see that there is no need for added salt, sugar or melted butter.  These Swedish pannkakor taste perfectly buttery and sweet without any added ingredients.

easy breakfast crepes ingredients mise en place pannkakor
  • Egg — Omega enriched eggs can be used for added health benefits from Omega 6 and Omega 3 polyunsaturated fats.
  • Milk — 3.25% homogenized milk is recommended for added creamy taste and better consistency of the pancake mix.
  • Flour — I use all purpose flour.  If you want to substitute a portion or all to whole wheat or a different type of flour you may have to experiment with the amount of milk as other flours bind the ingredients differently.
  • Butter — salted butter is preferred as the recipe doesn’t call for any added salt.

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Health Benefits of Swedish Pancakes

Swedish plättar consist of egg, milk, and flour, making them a nutritional part of a breakfast meal or midday snack. 

Eggs are known for containing plenty of essential vitamins and minerals. If you chose eggs containing Omega fats, you also gain the additional health benefits from the Omega 6 and Omega 3 polyunsaturated fats.

Milk also contains vitamins and minerals vital to maintain your health.  Just like eggs, milk contains many important vitamins and minerals.

List of Equipment Needed to Make Pannkakor

  • Frying Pan — I use a special cast iron pannkakor pan.  This pan is designed with a low rim and evenly heats the Swedish pancakes while maintaining a constant heat – we also use this pan to make homemade Injeras and Dosas.
easy breakfast crêpes pan types pannkakor

The pan to the left in the picture is similar to the pancake pan, but instead of one large pancake it makes seven mini pancakes. These mini pancakes are called “plättar” in Swedish and are great to have as a snack. If you want to know how to make the plattar, follow the link to the Swedish plättar recipe.

How to Make Swedish Pannkakor Step by Step

The recipe for these thin Swedish pancakes has been passed down through generations in my family. It’s my go-to breakfast recipe that people of any age love and can’t get enough of. The recipe requires little effort to succeed thanks to its tried and true egg-to-milk-to-flour ratio.  I use three eggs, two and a half cups of flour and four cups of milk.  This combination ensures that the pannkakor can be made thin, without falling apart when you turn them.

STEP 1 — Prepare the Batter

To start, crack the eggs into a medium size (4 quart) mixing bowl and whisk them. Next, add the milk to the eggs and whisk the batter until all eggs are blended with the milk. Then, slowly add the flour to the mix while whisking the ingredients until they are all mixed into a batter.

Swedish pancakes pannkakor step 1

STEP 2 — Prepare the Pan

Heat the pan on medium low temperature. Add a small amount of butter, about half a teaspoon, to the heated pan and evenly spread it while it melts.

Swedish Pancakes pannkakor step 2

STEP 3 — Pour the Batter

Pour half a cup of batter into the center of the pan and evenly spread the batter in the pan by swirling it around using a tilted circular motion.  You can also use a crêpe spreader if you prefer.

Swedish Pancakes Pannkakor  step 3

STEP 4 — Flip the Pancake

After two to three minutes, depending your stove temperature setting, the surface of the crêpe will appear dry.  Now, turn the crêpe over using a wide spatula.

STEP 5 — Remove the Pancake

Swedish pancakes pannkakor step 5

Another minute or two later the pancake should appear golden brown on the underside.   Remove the pancake from the pan and stack it on a plate. The pan can now be greased again, and the process is repeated until all batter is used up.  This recipe will yield about a dozen pancakes in a 10” diameter pan.

Swedish Pancakes Pannkakor Recipe Pic

Helpful Tips When Things Don’t go as Planned

We have all been there — sometimes things just don’t work out the way it was planned. When we least expect it, we forget the simplest thing, miss an important step, or maybe one of the ingredients decide to not cooperate.

Below are some helpful tips on how to fix some of the common issues that you may face while making your easy Swedish pancakes.

How to Avoid Flour Clumps in the Pannkakor Batter?

If you notice clumps of flour in the batter, whisk it further until the clumps are gone. You may have to use an electric mixer to get the desired result. You can also pour a portion of the batter into a smaller bowl and mix it in batches. To ensure the flour does not clump while mixing it into the batter, make sure the flour is added little by little while continuously whisking the batter.

What to do if the Butter Burns in the Pan?

Should the butter start to burn before the batter is added to the pan, try to lower the temperature on the stove half a mark. You may have to use a paper towel to clean out the burned butter from the pan and add new butter before you can add the batter. Be careful to not pour hot butter into the sink or into a bowl or glass with water in it as the butter will splatter and may burn you.

Why do the Swedish Pancakes Break Apart when Turning them in the Pan?

If you struggle to keep the crêpes intact while turning them in the pan, try adding more flour to your batter. Add about a quarter cup of flour at a time until the crêpes can be turned without breaking.

How Long can you Store Pannkakor in the Fridge?

You can easily store fried Swedish pancakes in an airtight container for a week in the fridge. To heat them up, just microwave for 20 seconds, or reheat them for a minute in the pan.

How Long can you Store Swedish Pancake Batter in the Fridge?

The pancake batter can be stored in the fridge for up to a week. If you store it in the fridge for a day or more, make sure to give it a good stir before using it as the batter will be thick and viscous.

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easy breakfast crepes recipe

Easy Breakfast Crêpes – Thin Swedish Pancakes (Pannkakor)

Susan & Björn
Only three main ingredients are needed to make perfect, thin Swedish pancakes every batch. The recipe is derived from traditional Swedish pannkakor and has been enjoyed for generations.  The pancakes can be rolled up with butter, Nutella hazelnut spread, strawberry jam, or folded over with fresh fruit inside.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Swedish
Calories 336 kcal
Fiber 1 g
Carbohydrates 11 g


  • 3 Egg
  • 4 cups Milk, 3.25% Homogenized milk
  • cups Flour
  • ¼ cup Butter, For the pan, ½ stick of butter


  • Crack the eggs in a medium sized mixing bowl.
    easy breakfast crepes step 1
  • Whisk the eggs until blended.
    easy breakfast crepes step 2
  • Add milk to the bowl.
    easy breakfast crepes step 3
  • Whisk until eggs are dissolved.
    easy breakfast crepes step 4
  • Add flour to the mix.
    easy breakfast crepes step 5
  • Whisk until all clumps of flour are gone.
    easy breakfast crepes step 6
  • Heat the frying pan on the stovetop on low to medium heat.
  • Add a teaspoon of butter or oil to the pan.
    easy breakfast crepes step 7
  • Add a ½ cup of batter to the Swedish pancake frying pan and spread the batter evenly in the pan.
    easy breakfast crepes step 8
  • When the top surface of the pancake appears dry,
    easy breakfast crepes step 9
  • Flip the pancake and let is fry for an additional 2-3 minutes until golden brown on the under side.
    easy breakfast crepes step 10
  • After a few minutes, remove the pancake from the pan. Repeat steps 8 to 11 for the next pannkakor until the remainder of mix is used.


Serving: 110g Calories: 336kcal Carbohydrates: 11g Fiber: 1g Protein: 20g Fat: 23g Saturated Fat: 9g Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g Monounsaturated Fat: 10g Trans Fat: 1g Cholesterol: 81mg Sodium: 977mg Potassium: 395mg Sugar: 9g Vitamin A: 117IU Vitamin C: 1mg Calcium: 29mg Iron: 2mg


The above nutritional values are estimates and should only be used as a guide. If you are following a specific diet or have dietary restrictions, please use your preferred nutritional calculator. If you have a food allergy please ensure that none of the listed ingredients are part of your restrictions. As well, always use a food thermometer to ensure safe cooking temperature of the food items.

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