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Best Red Lobster Appetizers That Will Impress Your Guests

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If you’re a host and love seafood, be sure to try out these Red Lobster appetizers that will impress your guests at your next gathering.

best red lobster appetizers pin

When we want to go all out, while staying in, we love to recreate Red Lobster inspired dishes that really set the tone for an amazing seafood dinner at home.

Of course, we love to dine in the restaurant, but are limited in how often we can go. So we’ve learned how to make a number of super delicious copycat recipes to enjoy these dishes much more often.

It’s amazing to us, how often we dine Red Lobster style nowadays, since we cook these up in our own kitchen.

Plus, we adapt our versions of the recipes, where possible, to use less fat, calories and carbs.

And, they really aren’t difficult to prepare.

In fact, some are so simple, you’ll be able to make them any time.

Perfect for Game Day and other festivities, impressive appetizers like crab queso and crabby cheese fries are easy to make and are true crowd favorites.

You can enjoy these super tasty homemade starters again and again!

If you love Red Lobster, check out these Best Easy Red Lobster Copycat Recipes for more seafood dinner ideas.

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What are the New Red Lobster Appetizers 2024

The latest new appetizers provided under Starters in Red Lobster’s menu are Crabby Cheese Fries, Crab Queso Dip, Crispy Dragon Calamari, Black Tiger Shrimp Cocktail, BBQ Chicken Flatbread and Lobster Flatbread.

Crabby Cheese Fries

Here’s our take on a crowd favorite with two delicious sauces drizzled over air fryer French fries and delectable crab meat.

Not only impressive, it’s easy to put together and you’ll be happy that there’s much less oil in these air fried fries in comparison with traditional frying methods.

Red Lobster crabby cheese fries recipe
Celebrate Crab Fest at home with this Red lobster Crabby Cheese Fries Recipe! Seasoned air fryer French fries are topped with a cheddar cheese sauce and a decadent garlic cream sauce with sweet lump crabmeat in this super satisfying appetizer.
Check out this recipe

You can prepare the two easy sauces on the stovetop while the fries are cooking to save time.

Red Lobster Appetizers – Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms

You can’t go wrong with delightful stuffed mushrooms as a starter for your homemade seafood dinner.

Whether filled with escargot, shrimp, crab or lobster, you’ll be glad that you prepared these for your party.

Escargot Stuffed Mushrooms

We love escargot for our most special occasions, although you can serve them any time. They’re a perfect start to a homemade seafood dinner.

escargot stuffed mushrooms recipe
The perfect appetizer for your most special occasions, to serve with restaurant style seafood, meat and vegetarian entrees. A lightly seasoned garlic butter sauce with parmesan cheese bubbles nicely over top to make this a dish to remember.
Check out this recipe

We keep our recipe pretty simple, and the escargot definitely shine through with the perfect amount of cheese and garlic butter sauce.

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

Not sure if your guests will love escargot?

That’s no problem since you can always make these popular crab stuffed mushrooms. Or you can serve both types of mushrooms, for more variety.

Your guests will appreciate these delicious morsels filled with lump crabmeat and topped with shredded cheese, baked in the oven.

stuffed mushroom caps with crabmeat featured
Restaurant style, savory crab stuffed mushrooms are easy to make and the perfect appetizer to take your seafood dinner menu or any special occasion to the next level.
Check out this recipe

Red Lobster Appetizers – Seafood Dips

Dips, especially seafood dips, are always welcomed at every occasion. They’re easy to make, and guests love them!

Crab Queso Dip

Our delightful copycat recipe for Red Lobster crab queso dip is a stunner that you’ll want to include in your next menu.

Full of vibrant flavor and color, it’s a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

red lobster crab queso dip presentation
Red Lobster crab queso dip recipe is an absolute flavor sensation with spiced cheese sauce, sweet crabmeat and savory Pico de Gallo. Serve with regular or tri color tortilla chips.
Check out this recipe

Perfect for every occasion, you’ll want to give this one a try!

Lobster Artichoke Dip

We love this savory dip that is chock full of artichokes and lobster meat.

Delectable artichoke dip appetizer with lobster meat tucked inside, a delightful surprise for artichoke and seafood lovers. Serve with nacho chips, pita bread wedges, Triscuit crackers and pico de gallo.
Check out this recipe

It’s easy to prepare, and very satisfying. Put it over the top with a side of Pico de Gallo.

Red Lobster Style Crab Pita Pizza

Here’ s a Red Lobster inspired pita pizza made with crabmeat, however, you can substitute lobster meat if you prefer.

With a buttered crust, lump crab meat, fresh basil, tomatoes and mozzarella, this flatbread will have you reminiscing.

red lobster style crab pita pizza recipe 1
Restaurant style crab and lobster pizza can be on your menu at home anytime when you add some shellfish to your grocery list. It's easy to make and has all of the flavors you love. Serves two as a main and four as an appetizer. Pair with an Italian style house or Caesar salad and a seafood chowder or soup.
Check out this recipe

It’s very similar to lobster flatbread appetizer and is incredibly easy to make. These can be on the table super quick with just a short time in the oven.

Many grocery stores sell rectangular flatbread that you can use in this recipe to be like Red Lobster’s current version of this appetizer.

Keto Red Lobster Appetizers

On a low carb or keto diet, the best options for Red Lobster inspired starters would be the following:

In small portion sizes, some of the dips could be low enough in carbs although you’d need to serve with low carb dippers such as vegetables like carrot and celery sticks, broccoli, cauliflower and low carb chips.

You’ll also want to check out the fabulous low carb Crab Crustless Quiche below. You can also read more about How To Eat Low Carb at Red Lobster.

You’ll Also Love

Inspired by Red Lobster’s shrimp quiche, this Crab Crustless Quiche is perfect for a special occasion brunch.

crab crustless quiche presentation best red lobster appetizers that will impress your guests

With loads of tender crabmeat and some Old Bay seasoning, this crab quiche is sure to please!

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